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NMDC (NeoModus Direct Connect) protocol is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Client software (for example DC++), using this protocol, connects to a central hub, joining the DC (Direct Connect) network, where it can share files directly with other connected clients. Connected clients can search for files and download them from other clients, as well as chat with each others.



(cited from Wikipedia)

NeoModus was started as a company funded by the adware "Direct Connect" by Jonathan Hess in November, 1999 while he was in high school.[1] The first third-party client was called "DClite", which never fully supported the file sharing aspects of the protocol. Hess released a new version of Direct Connect, requiring a simple encryption key to initiate a connection, locking out third-party clients. The key was cracked, and the author of DClite released a new version of DClite compatible with the new software from NeoModus. Some time after, DClite was rewritten as Open Direct Connect with goals of having an MDI user interface and using plug-ins for file sharing protocols (similar to MLDonkey). Open Direct Connect also did not have complete support for the full file sharing aspects of the protocol, but a port to Java did. Some time later, other clients such as DCTC (Direct Connect Text Client) and DC++ became popular.







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